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Setters Unlimited

Introduction to S/U

Setters Unlimited is a non-profit co-op designed to help Setter enthusiasts find the best English Setter breeders and trainers in the country.   Breeder participation is by invite only.  This decision is one you live with (literally) for 12-15 years and it can be difficult and time consuming to determine the merit of a breeding program by sorting through all the information on the web.  Our goal was to showcase the English Setter litters, Started Dogs, and Stud Dogs that represent the best of our breed on a single site.

It is quite common for top breeders to collaborate discussing best practices, sharing knowledge of different lines and/or specific dogs, as well as trading pups or stud service.  The concept of Setters Unlimited was the product of this type of collaboration through the 90 and early 2000s.  Starting in 2004 we invited breeders to participate who had a long standing reputation of producing the best of the breed.  Many of the names have changed but the original premise of the site still stands.  The English Setter breeders that demonstrate the most disciplined selection and most selective breeding practices are invited to participate on Setters Unlimited.


Much has changed since Setters Unlimited was formed in 2004.  Many of the great breeders that were part of Setters Unlimited have quit breeding or scaled back significantly.  Therefore, we are going to be evaluating breeders across the country and forming a new group of participants.  Of course some of the original breeders will be participating.  The original website was also very old technology.  Some of the new participants and original participants will use the new website format.  We have selected a few new participants and we will be adding those sites between now and the end of the year.