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Setters Unlimited was established in 2004 to help Setter enthusiasts find the best English Setter breeders and finest available English Setter litters English Setters in the country.  Since then, we have added Gordon Setter breeders and specialty type English Setters when we added Llewellin Setter breeders and Ryman Setter breeders.  Breeder participation is by invite only.  This decision is one you live with (literally) for 12-15 years and it can be difficult and time consuming to determine the merit of a breeding program by sorting through all the information on the web.  Participating Setters Unlimited breeders were chosen based on years of experience, breeding practices, results, and reputation.  While it is impossible to guarantee the results of any given breeding, the participants invited to participate have programs that have produced superior results.


If you are curious about the different types of Setters, the individual sites have lots of photos and some of the participants provide videos as well.  Setters Unlimited is a great resource to learn about the different types of Setters and breeding programs.  All of the breeders have an “Our Setters” page with photos and descriptions and most also have photo galleries or and/or videos.   Most of the participants also have a page describing their breeding practices, experience, and results.

Available Dogs & Services

Setters Unlimited participants offer various types of English Setter litters and English Setters for sale.  Some of the breeders provide stud dog and other services such as training or guide services.   Of course, the same is true of the participating Gordon Setter breeders.  Setters Unlimited members are located all across the United States.  It is very common for these breeders to ship a significant portion of their Setter puppies all across the country so you will find S/U members to be familiar with shipping requirements and procedures.

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